Scott Pondrom and Stephanie Nelson were married in Chicago on 30 September 2006.

The wedding started with a down pour, but the two giant tents in the back yard did their jobs.  The rain disappeared after the I do s'. 

Scott and Steph made their vows to each other and also joined in the "Sing-a-long".  The song was originally written by Johnny Cash, but I changed them a little for this occasion.

          They Walk the Line

Scott keeps a close watch on his special find
She’s the girl for whom this boy does pine
He thanks heaven for this girl, so fine
He says she's mine, he walks the line

Steph finds it very very easy to be true
She is never alone when the day is through
She will admit that Scott is her love too
She says he's mine, she walks the line

She's got a way to keep him on her side
She gives him cause for love that he can't hide
She has talent that fills that boy with pride
He say she's mine, he walks the line

As sure as night is dark and day is light
Their love keeps growing each day and night
And their happiness proves that their are right
Two of a kind, they walk the line

A super wedding gift was demonstrated to everyone that night.  What is it?  A fire calliope.  Eventually it will play musical notes while sitting on top of a fire truck.  It has a supply of propane and oxygen that are released when the control buttons are depressed.  Tommy Gorman (Scott's nephew and hidden in the above picture) is using the yellow control box shown beneath the calliope that is mounted on the flat-bed truck.  Plans are to have this operating for "First Night" in St Louis on New Year Eve.

Wedding bands?

No.  Marching band.  We were surprised to see a live marching band.  The name of the band (in English) is "Mad Cow", but no one got sick.  This band was a big one.  It had a violin player, cheerleaders, drummers, trombones, trumpets, saxophones and even a Suzophone.   You had to be there.